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Pieces available for pre-sale! New t-shirt!

Hi all,

The new album, Pieces, is now available for pre-order from the store! People who pre-order won't receive the full record until the release date on 6th July, but they will get a download of the track "Sudden Getaway". Why pre-order? Well, by pre-ordering, you'll help my record potentially get in the charts! Unfortunately, due to changes at Pledge Music, all those lovely sales won't count towards my pre-sales anymore. It's a real blow, but what can you do? Other than never use Pledge again of course... However, if you did Pledge on the record, you'll be getting your CDs a lot sooner, they'll be on their way shortly after they come back from the pressing plant. In other news, I also have a new t-shirt design available! You can buy these shirts now from the store!

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