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Luke's stolen gear

Hi everyone, As you may have seen on Facebook, some of my gear has been stolen from my parents' home in Potton, Bedfordshire. The exact date is unknown as they were away, but the break-in was discovered on Thursday 4th January. Now, it wasn't the actual house that was broken into, but an office/shed in the back garden. Only my stuff was taken.

Obviously, I'm in the US now, and with the other bits of shock and confusion, it wasn't immediately clear what had been grabbed. I first thought my Epiphone Texan acoustic was gone, but luckily it wasn't in the shed. However, my Gibson SG Special HP Faded in Worn Brown (Serial # 160081083), the Spider hardcase it was in, my Fender Blues Deluxe amp and my Delsey briefcase containing two custom SWFX pedals were all stolen.

The amp looks like this.

The pedals were custom built, there are none others like them in the world. So if they turn up, they're definitely mine. In a way, the most upsetting thing is the briefcase, because it had photos, lyrics, souvenir posters and all manner of other things that can't be replaced. The idea of someone going through that stuff makes me sick to my stomach. It was given to me by my dad (and has his initials – JT – on it) and I'd covered it with stickers and filled it with musical memories. If you've ever seen me play, you've probably seen this briefcase... I've had it for YEARS.

I was still recovering from some pretty severe food poisoning when I found out, so I must say 2018 hasn't gotten off to the greatest of starts. However, the response on social media has been nothing short of amazing.

More than 53,000 people have seen my original post, and 32,000 more have seen the post on The Whybirds page. The hope is that if anything shows up for resale anywhere, people will know it's stolen. There's a slim chance, so if you've seen the post, keep sharing!

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