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Mega Throwback Thursday!

With just over a week to go before us Whybirds play our last ever hometown show – tickets here – I thought I'd put something together to mark the occasion. We always had an open taping policy in the band, and as such there are a fair few recordings up on Thanks to Humbug for recording them all! I thought I'd put together the five best – or most interesting – shows on there (in my opinion of course). They're all completely free to download.

A great sounding full length set from the 2014 Spanish tour. The harmonies aren't as loud as they could've been, but otherwise this could almost pass as a proper live album.

Another great sounding recording. Includes rarities like "Recover, Repeat" (especially in the three-piece era), "Bottom Feeder" and "Never Let You Go".

The one and only gig we ever did with no drums, which meant we had to come up with some pretty interesting arrangements. We were supporting Alejandro Escovedo, and joined him later for a cover of The Band's "It Makes No Difference". Includes the rarities "You Never Knew" and "These Lonesome Blues".

The Cold Blue Sky album launch! The place was rammed. We thought it would all be plain sailing from here... This is the band at the top of our game. There is a properly recorded version of this on a hard disc somewhere...

Not a great recording, but included for posterity, as it was the longest taping of the four-piece era. In fact, it ended up being Taff's last gig. Also my 29th birthday. Includes the rarities "I Don't Give a Damn Anymore", Tonight's "No Time To Think" and the pre-A Little Blood ballad version of "The Band Counts Four".

I thought I'd add this as a curiosity. We were absolutely shitfaced, which didn't happen very often. And considering that fact, we really weren't all that bad! We opted for the strange opener of "These Lonesome Blues", which is now on Always Be True.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these recordings! Check out the rest of the archive for other little gems, and hopefully see you at one of the farewell gigs!

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