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Hectic Halloween...

Hi everyone,

Happy Halloween if you're into that sort of thing. Busy weekend for me coming up, I've got four gigs in three days (why do I do this to myself?). They are:

Friday 28th:

The Crown, St Albans 8:30pm

Saturday 29th:

Esquires, Bedford (supporting CC Smugglers) 8pm

Sunday 30th:

The Red Lion, Biggleswade 1:30pm

The Pig N Falcon, St Neots 5pm

Please check the shows page for upcoming full band shows.

Also, my hard rockin' amigo Dave Banks (from The Whybirds and The Penny Dreadfuls) is doing the Rock Solid Race in Milton Keynes this weekend in memory of his lovely mum Barbara. If you've got a spare bit of cash, you can donate here.

P.S. The picture was taken at The Nightmare Horror Bar in Prague during my wife and I's recent anniversary trip.

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