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Luke Tuchscherer (pronounced Tuck-Shearer) is an acclaimed singer/songwriter from Bedford, England. 

He released his fifth record, Widows & Orphans, through Clubhouse Records on 21 April 2023.


Previous releases include Carousel (2019), Pieces (2018), Always Be True (2017) and You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense (2014).


Always Be True entered the UK’s Official Country Chart at #17, rising to #15 the following week. It entered the Americana Chart at #25. 

Here's what people are saying Widows & Orphans so far:

“This is a really well-produced piece of work. The spare sound of guitar, harmonica and cello is beautiful. Tuchscherer’s rich voice delivers his lyrics with emotion that matches the poetry of his words.”

Americana UK (8/10)

“There are musicians who honour the ‘songwriter’ label like few others; always giving shape to very good songs, behind which hide personal stories, their visions of the world and how to face the reality that surrounds them. Luke Tuchscherer is one of them.”

Ruta 66

“Thankfully these songs are finding their way into public and the world will be a little bit better for that.”

The Rocking Magpie

Reviews for 2019's Carousel

“Truly excellent. Carousel … provides a perfect platform for Tuchscherer’s wonderfully rich expressive voice as he brings to life the stories embedded in the clear and wonderfully direct lyrics. An album of simple beauty.”

Americana UK (8/10)

“Luke comes across as the classic male country singer, not a romantic dreamer but a man of deep feeling hewn by worldly experience. Here we have some of his best lyrics: a tender concern for others is evident, notably in ‘Violets’ and ‘My Darling England’. While Tuchscherer appears very happy with his musical career, he really does deserve a much larger audience.”

Rock N Reel (4/5)

“Good lyrics and remarkable melodies.”

Ruta 66

“The man is an excellent songwriter. Great album.”


Reviews for 2018's Pieces:

“If you like Springsteen, Petty et al, then you should definitely purchase this album of unostentatiously classy masculine rock.”

Rock N Reel (5/5)


“A gloriously unholy racket. A hugely enjoyable punch-the-air album with depth and power. A delight from start to finish.”

Americana UK (8/10)


“Apart from writing melodies that hit hard and take an age to fade from your mind, his lyrics are just as powerful. Even with so much great new music currently out there it’s no exaggeration to say that Pieces must feature in those best of 2018 end-of-year lists.“

Penny Black Music

“This album does not disappoint. For anyone who finds solace in shared life experiences, Pieces is a must.”


“It has the atmosphere of a sweaty, overcrowded club on a Saturday night, with the understanding that there is still plenty of subtlety available to avoid the storm of decibels growing into a hurricane. A very clever record.”


Reviews for 2017's Always Be True:

A real Americana masterpiece.

Americana UK (8/10)

“It is gratifying to find British talent putting out original material of such quality.“

Country Music People (5/5)

Tuchscherer can not only compete with the best British singer/songwriters but also with the top international acts. He brings 10 flawless songs to Always Be True that immediately feel like classics and beg to be covered in Nashville. One of the best Americana albums of 2017.“

Heaven (8/10)

“It's got a strong vibe of Springsteen at his most blue collar running through the album, which is high praise indeed. Really strong songs. Hugely impressed.”

– Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

“His first album was great, but this is even better. It seems The Whybirds are gone forever, but with legacies like this, there's no need to mourn their absence.”

– Ruta 66

Reviews for 2014's You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense:


“Luke Tuchscherer knows his way into a good song, and You Get So Alone... is loaded with them. Invoking love, loss and the intricacies of the human condition, Tuchscherer's impassioned vocals and tasteful Americana instrumentation herald him as one of the finer new singer/songwriters of today.“  

– Rob Bleetstein, Americana Radio Chart founder 


“Tuchscherer’s ability to create such an engaging collection should ensure that You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense will be a contender for an appearance on any year-end list.”

Americana UK(8/10)


“An impressive collection of 12 well-crafted songs … an excellent debut.”

R2 (Rock N Reel) (4/5)


“My only excuse for not reviewing this fabulous album sooner is that I was too busy playing it, over and over. This album should be heard and then celebrated.“

Northern Sky(4/5)


“Totally memorable … Luke Tuchscherer successfully pulls off an impressive and moreish debut.”

Right Chord Music






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