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Blender show! Water Rats show! New t-shirt!

Luke Tuchscherer & The Penny Dreadfuls will be playing The Water Rats in London on 29th May, with support coming from the brilliant Dave Banks. You can get your tickets here. At the moment, they're limited owing to social distancing, so book now to avoid missing out (though of course we're all hoping the vaccine will have helped in that regard by May...).

I recorded a little session and interview for Blender here in Bedford the other night. It's a fun little video, featuring performances of Something Beautiful (This Way Comes), The Night Tom Petty Died and an as-yet-unreleased song called Ease Your Mind (It's Christmas Time).

You can see the trailer here, but the video is being premiered on Blender's YouTube channel on Thursday 10th December at 7:30. Tune in live!

Lastly, I also have a cheeky new t-shirt out! Pictured above, it's based on the famous Keith Richards "Who the f**k is Mick Jagger?" t-shirt and an idea from Danny Tipping of Clubhouse Records, we decided to go with this tongue-in-cheek little number. Keef didn't censor it, so nor did we, alright?

These will be shipping out by February, but to make it easier to know which sizes to order, please help me out by pre-ordering here!

Don't forget, The Whybirds Revisited is out! There's a nice review of it here. Go here to get your digital copy!

Here's to the end of this bloody horrible year! Thanks for your ongoing support.


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