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Brand new song free to download!

Hi everyone, Here's a song I wrote yesterday and recorded today, called "I Am The Child of an Immigrant". I figured I'd let the world hear it immediately. It's free to download, and please do feel free to share it about. Music & Lyrics (C) Luke Tuchscherer 2017.

Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and mandolin by Luke Tuchscherer.


I am the child of an immigrant

My father comes from Deutschland

My mother is the child of an immigrant

Yeah, grandma came from Ireland

My darling, she’s an immigrant

She hails from the Emerald Isle too

So tell me Mr Xenophobe

What makes us different to you?

There’s a war going on in Syria

Aleppo razed to ruin

People are running from Isis

Just to drown in the Mediterranean

Are they not still human?

Are they not still frightened?

Just tell me what you’d do sir

If you were caught in the fighting?

You say they come from Europe

With only one intention

To live off the fat of our benefits

But it’s the Tories stripping your pension

It’s the banks who are getting the tax breaks

It’s the wealthy profiting from poverty

The idle rich in their mansions

Just for winning the genetic lottery

You say they’re taking all our jobs

It’s the lump of labour fallacy

Folks don’t come to rob us

They only help grow our economy

So where’d you get your news sir?

Throw that rag The Mail away

Check your facts before you speak sir

And together we can find a new way

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