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Luke's Bruce Springsteen playlist

I thought I'd knock together a Bruce Springsteen playlist on Spotify. This kind of represents a dream setlist, and if you've seen The Boss before, you know he plays mega long sets, so this is a 40-song, three-and-a-quarter hours super set! It also has a little acoustic set midway through, not something that he usually does, but there are too many of his great acoustic songs I had to include. Anyway, he's got a hugely impressive repertoire, and I know I've left out some killer songs (no Prove It All Night? No Stolen Car? No Drive All Night? No Badlands? No Born in the USA? No Glory Days? No Dancing in the Dark?? Sacrilege etc!), but it's my list!

Have a listen and see what you think. If you got here via my Facebook or Twitter, let me know on those platforms what you would have done differently! Luke

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