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I’m in my old car, driving through the rain

Straight into the night, just to see you again

But as the radio pounds, my mind struggles with the fear

That I’ll only let you down and that I should steer clear


Oh, I think I’ve made up my mind

I want to catch you in the rye


You gotta know when to fold ’em 

And when you gotta stick

And baby, just like Holden

I want to keep you from the cliff


Darling, you won’t have to look
For the meanness on this earth

Oh no, I promise you this girl, it’ll find you first

Cos I’ve been burned by the flame
My back’s been bowed by the weight

You’re too green for this game
Your heart’s too young to break


Darling, wipe the tear from your eye

I want to catch you in the rye


Oh, I’ve got a good heart but it’s tangled up in twine

And you’d only get hurt if I made you mine

So this is the last trip I’m gonna make to you

You’ve got your own life to live, go find someone new


Yes, I think I’ve made up my mind

I want to catch you in the rye  





Well, I only had to meet you a couple of times

Before I fell for your smile

And there’s something ’bout your perfume
When you move in close

That girl, just drives me wild


But I’m alone tonight and I ain’t nothing but blue

If it’s so damn easy to fall in love

Then tell me, why is it so hard when you do?


Now I ain’t about to tell you I ain’t been around the block

Cos girl, I ain’t no liar

But there’s something there between us
Every time we talk

That girl, just feels like fire


And wouldn’t it be perfect if you felt the same way too?

If it’s so damn easy to fall in love
Then tell me, why is it so hard when you do?

Oh baby, won’t you break my fall?

Catch me honey and I’ll give you my all


Well, you and I both know that love can hurt

Cos girl, we’ve been burnt before

And how can I know that this won’t be the same?

Well, I can’t be sure


But I’m ready and I’m willing to take a chance on you

I know there ain’t nothing tougher than falling in love

So that’s why I’ll take it easy on you 





I’ve been looking long and I’ve been looking hard

Looking for someone to nurse this weary heart

And now I think I’ve found you
And I know you’re everything I need

My heart could’ve burst
When you said you felt the same for me


I’ve fallen heavy and yes, I’ve fallen hard

But you can’t have none of that light
Without a little bit of dark

Oh, I believe the things you tell me
Got faith in what you say

And I know that now I’ve got you
Your love could keep the shadows at bay


I ain’t got no money and I’ve got a sad past

But all the things I’ve suffered through
Are paying off at last

Well nobody’s perfect but I know you’re perfect for me

When you’re in my arms, there ain’t nowhere I’d rather be


Let’s just let the sun evaporate our tears

Cos darling, you’re the one I’ve been waiting for for years





It’s been a long hard year but I made it through to the end

And now it’s time to start over again

I’ve had sand kicked in my face
I’ve been beaten when down

But now it’s time to turn it all around


Cos I hope this year will go my way, on this New Year’s Day


I want to treat myself right and get healthy again

I want to open my heart and be a better friend

I want to find me someone, I want to pay off some debts

I want to get to the end and have no regrets


All songs by Luke Tuchscherer © 2018. All rights reserved.  

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