Exciting one-off vinyl project!

Exciting news everyone! I'm teaming up with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings to make some unique, one-of-a-kind vinyl recordings! For $25, you pick the song and get a unique performance, straight to vinyl. There will be no other copies of this performance in the world! Pick any of my songs, from The Whybirds to my solo stuff and I'll cut a take just for you! I'll give you a little shout out at the beginning of the take if you like, so you know it's just for you. Please note, the session takes place on 11th August, so you'll have to get your orders in before then! For further details and to pre-order your record, go here!

Review round up

The reviews are starting to come in for Pieces, and I'm delighted that it's being well received! The record got a lovely five-star review in Rock N Reel, as well as positive reviews from Rocking Magpie and Roots Highway. “If you like Springsteen, Petty et al, then you should definitely purchase this album of unostentatiously classy masculine rock.” - Rock N Reel, 5/5 “A gloriously unholy racket. A hugely enjoyable punch-the-air album with depth and power. A delight from start to finish.” - Americana UK, 8/10 “Luke Tuchscherer shakes off the country label and fires up the volume.” - Roots Highway “Fuzzy guitars and razor-sharp observations will appeal to the rockier end of the Americana world

Pieces is out now!

My new album Pieces is out now! It's available from all the usual places, as well as directly from my store or from Clubhouse Records. I'm very proud of this album and Americana UK seem to like it to, calling it a "delight from start to finish". After a great night in Leicester last night, we're off to Bedford tonight for the official album launch! Tickets here!

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