Ramble on!

It's not long now until I return back to England, fill my face with Pot Noodles and Cornish pasties, and play this wonderful festival. It's called Ramblin' Roots Revue, it's all-indoor in a great venue in High Wycombe (brilliant beer, food, and the sound is great too), and it's well affordable. But I'll let Tristan Tipping, who co-owns Clubhouse Records, and is also involved in running the festival, extol its virtues here in a great interview with Blabber N Smoke. It's on the 6-8 April. I'm playing on the Saturday with full band. Don't miss out!

Crowdfunding completed! Pieces is coming!

WE DID IT! We managed to achieve our crowdfunding target on Pledge Music. The new record, Pieces, is already completed and is going to mastering at the end of this week. That means that if you've Pledged on the project, you'll be getting your downloads very soon indeed. If you haven't Pledged yet, don't worry, there's still time. Go here to pre-order the record. I know people always say this about their new records, but I'm very proud of this one, and genuinely think it's my best.

Shadows review! Pledge update! Ramblin' Roots Revue

Hi all, The Shadows EP received its first review, and it was a great one from long time supporters Rootstime. The review is in Dutch, but canny use of Google Translate should see you right. It's very encouraging that Shadows has been so well received. "New Year's Day" has even been picked up by Spotify playlists and has been my most played track every week since it was released. Shadows is pretty crucial in my career progression, as for me, the EP is the final piece of the bridge from the acoustic sound of You Get So Alone... and the "middle ground" of Always Be True, to the rockier sound of Pieces (which completes a path back to the kind of stuff I was writing in The Whybirds). It's almos

Ramblin' Roots Revue

Not long now until I return to England to play (and hang out at) Ramblin' Roots Revue in High Wycombe! I'm playing with the full band, plus there are loads of other great acts playing. Hit this link to get your tickets!

Pledge campaign update

Hi all, We're into the last month of the Pledge campaign for my new album, Pieces. The project is 62% funded, so we're in great shape, but there's still a long way to go. It's a tough job running one of these campaigns as you have to get the word out, but you also run the risk of annoying people with the constant marketing... the best thing I can suggest is making a Pledge so that the campaign ends sooner, haha! In all seriousness, if you've already pre-ordered an album, then thank you! If not, please consider make a Pledge. I think this record is going to be a corker!

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