Busy Bank Holiday!

I'm playing four gigs in three days this weekend. Tonight: I'll be smashing the drums with Herd Behaviour (my grunge side project) at Danny's Bar, Bedford Esquires. Tomorrow: I'll be playing solo acoustic at The Plough in Langford. 9pm start. Sunday: Solo acoustic at The Red Lion, Biggleswade as part of Red Lion Rocks (on at 5pm), then to The Rising Sun in Potton (my hometown!) to play their beer festival. I'll be starting at 9pm. PHEW! Hopefully see you at a gig, if not, have a great extended weekend! Luke

Luke's Dylan playlist

We've had Springsteen, Earle and Waits, now it's Dylan's turn! You know the score by now, plus, what more can you say about Bob eh? B asically invented the singer/songwriter job... Enjoy! Let me know on Facebook or Twitter what you think!

Luke's Tom Waits playlist

The third artist in my playlist series is the amazing Tom Waits. Now, I'm not gonna lie, he's an acquired taste if you're not already familiar with him. I remember when Taff Thatcher (from The Whybirds) and his brother Chris were telling me that I should get into him, they told me that Rain Dogs was the best album. When I first heard it, I thought they'd played a prank on me. But sure enough, it's now one of my favourite albums. If you're not already a fan, then I hope this list gives you a good insight into the riches that lie in his back catalogue. If you are already a fan, let me know on Facebook or Twitter what you'd do differently! So anyway, I start this list off pretty hard with th

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