BBC Radio Ulster airplay

I had a lovely surprise today learning that I'd been featured on Ralph McLean's country show on BBC Radio Ulster. For those who don't know, Ralph is great supporter of Americana music over here in the UK, so to be played on his show is a huge honour indeed! You can hear it on iPlayer from 21:49.

Luke's Steve Earle playlist

Following on from my Springsteen playlist last week, I thought I'd do another one, this time for Steve Earle. In fact, in the next coming weeks I'm gonna do a new playlist for each of my top five songwriters, so expect lists from Bob Dylan and Tom Waits soon. Unfortunately Neil Young's stuff isn't on Spotify, so I can't do him even though he's definitely in my top five. I'll switch Pearl Jam in for their Uncle Neil, which will hopefully show you a different side of some of the music I love. Anyway, Steve Earle is amazing – I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here – but I hope you enjoy this 40-song, 150-minute mega playlist, which is again laid out as a kind of live setlist. I hope you enj

Luke's Bruce Springsteen playlist

I thought I'd knock together a Bruce Springsteen playlist on Spotify. This kind of represents a dream setlist, and if you've seen The Boss before, you know he plays mega long sets, so this is a 40-song, three-and-a-quarter hours super set! It also has a little acoustic set midway through, not something that he usually does, but there are too many of his great acoustic songs I had to include. Anyway, he's got a hugely impressive repertoire, and I know I've left out some killer songs (no Prove It All Night? No Stolen Car? No Drive All Night? No Badlands? No Born in the USA? No Glory Days? No Dancing in the Dark?? Sacrilege etc!), but it's my list! Have a listen and see what you think. If y

Video of Country Soul Sesssions online!

Hello everyone, The entire Country Soul Sessions show I played at The Spice of Life in Soho on Sunday (3rd July) has been put on YouTube. It's embedded above! The setlist is as follows: WAITING FOR MY DAY TO COME THREE LONG DAYS NO PLACE TO FALL (Townes Van Zandt cover) AMANDA JANE LOVE DON'T COME EASY ONE OF US WORKING CLASS HERO (John Lennon cover) MORNING LIGHT BEFORE I GO CRAZY -- I AIN'T EVER SATISFIED (Steve Earle cover)

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