Vote Remain!

I usually keep politics away from this website – though not always Facebook and Twitter! – but I thought this issue was too big to ignore. I shall be voting remain in tomorrow's EU Referendum. I hope you will too. I'm not going to go into too much detail as to why, there are many people out there who can put it better than me. Read here and here and here. As it pertains to immigration, which seems to be a major issue for some folks, let me tell you this: My mum's mum was Irish. My dad is German. My wife is Irish. That makes immigration pretty good in my book. The main reason for me though, is that to leave would be a massively retrograde step. If I ruled the world, there would be no cou

Festival appearances!

Hi all, Just to keep you posted, I will be appearing at the following festivals this summer... BURYFIELDS - Chesham - Saturday 18th June - 3pm (Woodland Stage) NOSHVILLE - Kings Cross, London - Saturday 25th June - 3pm (Maverick stage) FREE TRUCK - Oxford - Sunday 17th July - Time TBC (Saloon Bar) MK IF - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 19th July - 6pm (Stables Sessions) BROOMSTOCK - Broom, Bedfordshire - Sunday 24th July - Time TBC Hopefully I'll see you at a gig! Luke

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