Tin Can Review session is now live!

Hi all, The session I did with James Hodder on Tin Can Review can now be heard here. It features quite a fun chat and live performances of "Waiting For My Day To Come" and "When The Dream Dies" from the forthcoming album. (P.S. The Dark Knight Trilogy exclusive is no longer available... but I'm sure if you really wanted to do it, something could be arranged...). Also, don't forget that there will be a full band show at Danny's Bar, Bedford Esquires on Friday 4th March. It's totally free too, so don't miss it!

House of Mercy session now live!

Hi folks, The session I did with House of Mercy Radio in December is now live! Thanks very much to Barry for having me on the show. You can listen to it at this link here. Enjoy! (P.S. You should especially enjoy the balls up on the song "Be True"!)

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