Whybirds playing a show!

I'm very pleased to say that The Whybirds will be coming out of hibernation after a year-long break to play a gig! I'll be dusting off the ol' drum kit for this gig at the Ent Shed in Bedford. What's great too is that we're playing with our friends Big Nothing and Honest John. It's going to be a great night. Tickets are available here. We strongly advise you to book in advance as this show will be very popular (it's cheaper that way too!).

Pledge target reached!

I am thrilled beyond belief to say that the Pledge campaign for my second album reached its goal! There was a very good chance that it wouldn't, but here we are at 101%. If you Pledged, thank you so much for allowing me the chance to make another album. There honestly wouldn't be one if it wasn't for you. If you haven't Pledged, there's still plenty of time to do so. Have a look here and see what you can get WAY before the album is officially released. Now I know we're making the album, the plan is to head into the studio with The Penny Dreadfuls in early January. The digital version should be uploaded to Pledgers by around March, with physical products one or two months after. The

New Taff Thatcher album

My old Whybirds bandmate Taff Thatcher (aka The Quaint & The Curious) has released his new album This Beak is Broke. You can download it completely free here.

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