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I've been running myself ragged all over this land

Waiting for my day to come

I get the boot more often than a helping hand

Waiting for my day to come


I just can't shut out the voice in the back of my mind

That says there's something waiting on the other side

I'm feeling half dead nearly half the time

Waiting for my day to come

Well, my daddy said
"Son, you gotta follow your dreams"

But what if my race is run?

One side of me says "push" and the other side screams

"Isn't this supposed to be fun?"


I feel like I'm living someone else's life

And I really wanna know, who's living mine?

I'm feeling half dead nearly half the time

Just waiting for my day to come

When the Lord comes to me, says, "Rest your soul,

Because boy, your work is done"

I'll say "No offence Lord, but what do you know?

I'm still waiting for my day to come"


I sit here growing older, life passing me by

Before it's even begun

I can't stop myself telling myself lies

Then just watching as they all come undone


I can't shut out the voice in the back of my mind

That says there's something waiting on the other side

I'm feeling half dead nearly half the time

Waiting for my day to come

I'm still waiting for my day to come



I've been taking my time

Trying to fix this heart of mine

But lately I've been slipping through the cracks

Because when I met you, you blew my mind

And it was worse the second time

Now all I see is everything that I lack


I'd set this heart on fire for you

To make a light to guide you through

But you don't know what you do to me, or do you?


So won't you take a chance baby, take a gamble

Place your bets on me now?

And I'll strike a match darling, light a candle

To lead your way through the crowd

But just don't put me out


Maybe I'm crazy to feel this way

To fall so fast and give it all away

Because I'm guessing that you don't feel the same

But when you told me you weren't happy with him

I thought I saw a way to get in

I hoped that you wanted me to ease your pain


I'd set my soul aflame for you

Does your torch burn for me too?

No, you don't know what you do to me, oh do you?


I ain't ready to let this dream go yet

Because I'm scared of what would be left

I know I don't mean much to you baby

That don't mean I don't want you to save me tonight





I can't seem to shake these lonesome blues

Hovering round my head like a hangman's noose

And the bottle is all dry, still I can't close my eyes

Because I can't face the trouble in my mind


Everything has lost its meaning now

But I sleepwalk through my days anyhow

'til the sun descends and night time comes again

I wait up for that call from my old friend the blues


So I fix a drink and I light a cigarette

But I ain't ready for the devil to take me yet

Because every single time I face that long decline

I know a woman is all it'd take to ease my mind



Sometimes lying in bed I can hear a sound

Echoing from somewhere high above this town

Sometimes I take my car up and over the hill

See the party lights flashing as the world lies still


I hear the clinking of glasses, laughter in the air

Hear guitars strumming but I can't get there

I hear the pedal steel, I hear the mandolin

But I'm on the outside, looking in


If you want success you've gotta pay your dues

I've paid so many, got no dues to lose

If life's a journey, there are stingers in the road

I'm spinning my wheels and spilling my load


And all the folks I'm supposed to impress

Are total pricks talking shit in fancy dress

As the rich men waltz right through the door

I'm outside smashing my head against the wall


I get up and go to work each day

Spend my time staring into cyberspace

Where people all around me are living their lives

I'm left behind, I'm paralysed


Have you ever felt punished for dreaming too much?

There's a sign here saying "look, but don't touch"

Here I am again, like I've always been

I'm on the outside, looking in 





Everybody stared at Leigh 

As she walked from the scene 

With tears in her eyes

The ambulance closed its doors

Pulled away, the siren roared

And, oh, the flashing blue lights


What do you do when the dream dies?


Ali didn't understand

The letter shook in his hand

He'd blown his last shot

He went into his daughter's room

To see if it was true

And saw the empty cot


What do you do when the dream dies? 

When life gets too hard

You can hide your head in the stars

To get a little relief

But when the dream is gone

How do you carry on?

How do you find some peace?





I thought I'd been around

I thought I'd seen it all

That is until I met you

Now every day I'm learning

But one thing is for certain

There's one thing I'll promise you


Darling I'll always be true


Now we're together, I want this forever

I hope one day that you'll wear my ring

Forget all the sad songs

Leave them where they belong

There's one song that I will sing


I swear to you, as sure as the sky is blue

I swear to you that darling, I'll always be true





I woke up last night from a dream that felt so real

You were kissing my forehead and I was happy again

But I'm awake now, oh I'm awake now, Amanda Jane


Every single day feels just like the last 

I work and then come home alone

Though I know you live so close

But I'm too scared to pick up the phone

Amanda Jane, and say:


Come on over tonight

I've got a bottle of wine

Come on over tonight 

Because I miss you babe

And I need you babe, Amanda Jane


Do you remember that night

Watching that cover band?

I walked you across the dancefloor

And you were holding my hand

As I felt it then, I still feel it now, Amanda Jane





It's so hard knowing where you are 

And knowing that tonight it ain't with me

And it's so hard knowing what we have

And knowing how good it could be


But love don't come easy

It seems love never comes easy

No, love don't come easy

But don't you see 

That you could make it easy for me?


We've been stealing time wherever we can

Since we both knew we were more than friends

Since I tasted the sweet of your kiss

All I want is to do it again


For a while I really thought

I was being punished for my sins

For a while I really thought

That I would never love again


But when I saw the blue of your eyes

Looking back into my own

For the first time in a long time

I felt like I wasn't alone 





All those times we travelled together

All those times down that goddamn road

I carried you, you carried me, my brother

And Lord, we done lightened the load


No one did it like us

No one could do it like us

Once we got going no one saw us for dust

And no one did it like us


All the backrooms and ballrooms we've been through

We'd leave 'em begging for more

I don't know if we'll see them again

I don't know if they're even there anymore


I've still got the gravel in my shoe

And them songs still run around my head

I don't know much 'bout nothing these days

But I know our journey ain't over yet

No one did it like us

No one could do it like us

And what once was polished

Has now been left to rust

But no one did it like us





Seeing you smile your smile at me 

Was the best part of my day

You always had a drink and a joke for me

You could chase my blues away


So when I heard the news that morning

Brother, I could hardly breathe

How could you take your smile from me?

Brother, how could you leave?


I watched you thrash them on the rugby field

Then shake their hands at the end of the game

And though some day this pain may heal

Those memories will never fade


The local bar has named a drink for you

Brother, now can you believe?

But how could you take that smile with you?

Brother, how could you leave?


You hid your demons oh-so-well

But donít you know you had a friend

Who'd have followed you to the gates of hell

Then brought you back again?


The whole townís here to say goodbye

Flowers line the street

Can't you hear this whole town cry

Brother, how could you leave?

Can't you hear your old friend crying

Brother, why did you leave? 


All songs by Luke Tuchscherer © 2017. All rights reserved.  

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